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Are Some Cuckoo Clocks Better Than Others?


German Cuckoo Clocks

Owning a genuine German cuckoo clock made by hand in the Black Forest region of Germany is something that most people will not get a chance to enjoy. If you're lucky enough to be able to travel to that part of Germany, you can see first hand what it takes to make one of these beautiful clocks. Of course, you don't have to travel to Germany to be able to own one of these timekeeping works of art because you can order an original Black Forest cuckoo clock right here! Many people wonder what the differences are between cuckoo clocks and want to make sure they're getting the highest quality cuckoo clock available. It begs the question, are some cuckoo clocks better than others?


As with anything that is handmade or even manufactured, there are high quality products and low quality products produced. When it comes to cuckoo clocks, the highest quality cuckoo clock you can buy is one that comes from the Black Forest region of Germany. This is the birthplace of the cuckoo clock, so they know how to make them right. In fact, most cuckoo clocks that are sold around the world are made in the Black Forest, but there are a few that are made in other areas of the world, such as Switzerland and Great Britain. So, even if you buy your cuckoo clock in a little shop in Iowa, France, or from an online source, just make sure it says that it was made in the Black Forest and you'll know you have a top quality clock.


Because the Black Forest is world-renowned for its cuckoo clocks and other clock making skills, there are literally hundreds of different clockmakers to choose from. The clock making industry began in this area over 300 years ago and many of the original families have passed down their clock making skills through the generations and are still making cuckoo clocks today. Traditional family clockmakers, like the Schneiders, are still producing high quality cuckoo clocks today, so by owning one of these clocks you can be assured you're getting the best cuckoo clock available anywhere in the world.


Now, it can be somewhat confusing determining what an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock is because they are sometimes referred to by other names. When Black Forest cuckoo clockmakers began selling their clocks globally, they tried to appeal to the varying tastes of clock buyers around the world by adjusting some of their designs based on the demands of the consumer. For instance, the French preferred clocks with brightly painted flowers on them. For some reason, they started calling them Swiss cuckoo clocks, even though they came from Germany. This is probably due to the fact that the Black Forest region of Germany borders Switzerland and many people mistakenly thought the clocks were Swiss in origin. The English preferred clocks that were simpler, unpainted wood with brass accents. The English started calling them Dutch cuckoo clocks, probably mistaking the word "Deutsche" for Dutch.


Now, determining which Black Forest clocks are better than others may depend upon personal preferences. There are many different kinds of cuckoo clocks made today that feature a variety of different characteristics that may or may not appeal to everyone. Some modern technologies have been incorporated into the Black Forest cuckoo clocks of today, but many traditionalists prefer the old fashioned designs to the more modern ones. It's up to you to decide which features you prefer. Cuckoo clocks generally come in two different mechanical styles, the one-day clock and the eight-day clock. The one-day clock requires winding every 24 hours and the eight day-clock every week by pulling on the pinecone shaped weights and chains. If you don't want to be bothered with having to reset your cuckoo clock every day, you might prefer the eight-day clock. Of course, the major difference between the two is usually the price, so keep this in mind when choosing your clock.


German Cuckoo Clocks

Another major distinction between cuckoo clocks is the type of sounds and animations that are created when the clock springs into action. The traditional cuckoo clock only makes the sound of the cuckoo as bird comes out of its nest to make the hourly call. Other cuckoo clocks might play music created by a drum music box, such as Edelweis and The Happy Wandered. More complicated and intricate cuckoo clocks feature multiple animated scenes that might include people or animals dancing around or recreating typical village scenes. Of course, depending on your personal preferences, one clock might appeal to you more than another.


The cuckoo clock has come a long way since it was first invented in the 1700s. Today, the cuckoo clock has evolved with modern times and many of its features have been altered to accommodate these design changes. For instance, some cuckoo clocks are now battery operated and no longer require daily or weekly winding. While these cuckoo clocks are more convenient for the modern clock owner, many people prefer the traditional weight driven clocks. Some clocks even use a digital recording of an actual cuckoo bird in the wild rather than the traditional pipe and bellows method. These modern cuckoo clocks also come with a light sensor that will automatically turn off the cuckoo sound at night, which is a nice option to have if the cuckoo clock is in your bedroom!


So, are some cuckoo clocks better than others? It all comes down to your personal preferences and what exactly it is that you're looking for in a cuckoo clock. Of course, there are cheap knockoffs available today that are of lesser quality than the traditional German cuckoo clocks, so make sure you only purchase an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock and you'll be enjoying its beauty and workmanship for many years to come.


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