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My Cuckoo Clock Dream


German Cuckoo Clocks

I had the most unusual dream about my beloved German cuckoo clock the other night. It was one of those dreams where you are not really sure if was a dream or if it really happened. It was so realistic, colorful, and vivid in my mind that it is hard to believe that it was not real. Of course, when you hear about my German cuckoo clock dream you would never believe that it could be true, but like most dreams I wish that I could go back to that magical land again.


My German cuckoo clock dream all started when I laid my head down to rest late one night just after midnight. My German cuckoo clock had just made its midnight call and it must have been on my mind just before I fell to sleep. I must have fallen asleep right away because I was particularly tired that night, but it almost seemed as if the moment I closed my eyes I opened them up again and found that I was as small as the smallest mouse you have ever seen! I know it sounds strange, but I opened my eyes and there I was lying on top of the pillow, but the pillow was the size of an ocean compared to me. As you can imagine, I was quite surprised to find that I was now no taller than a thimble! I sat up and looked around the room to see what could have possibly caused me to shrink down to such an incredibly tiny new size. Just then, I could hear the faintest of noises coming from the other side of the bed. It seemed so far away, yet I knew that the wall near my bed was only two feet away, but in light of newly found size, that two feet seemed more like two miles.


I decided it was probably in my best interest to find out what was making all that noise, so I slid down the side of the pillow to the mattress below and climbed down to the floor on the sheets hanging down from the side of my bed. As my feet touched the floor, the carpet fibers reached up to my waist, making the walk to wall that much more difficult, I can tell you. As I walked through the sea of carpet, I could hear the sounds I had heard earlier getting louder and louder, so I knew that I must be going in the right direction. Fortunately, the direction of the sounds were in the direction of the nightlight I kept in my bedroom, so I used it as a beacon to follow which got brighter and brighter as I got closer.


German Cuckoo Clocks Finally, after what must have been an hour, I made my way to the wall directly next to my bed. I could hear all sorts of racket being made way above me and I squinted by eyes to see what was making it. I could not see a thing, so I called out as loudly as I could to see if anyone could hear me. To my surprise, a voice called down from above that they could indeed hear me and that they had been waiting for my arrival! It was here that I almost started to panic because I was not really sure what it was that I was about to get myself into. I had never been this size before and it suddenly dawned on me for the first time that I might be eaten by a cat or even a mouse!


Suddenly, a small man the same size as I jumped down beside me out right of the sky! It was at that moment that I realized that this little man was one of the wooden figurines that moved inside my German cuckoo clock each hour! This little man from my cuckoo clock introduced himself as the lumberjack, the one who chopped the wood on my German cuckoo clock, and told me to follow him up the ladder. The ladder, it turned out, was the chain that hung down from my cuckoo clock that I pulled once a week to keep it running. So, up we climbed, link after link, all the way to the top where I stepped inside the box that held the mechanisms that kept my German cuckoo clock working all these years. It was fascinating to see all of the gears and springs that turned and ticked with each passing second inside my German cuckoo clock. Of course, the gears that would normally fit inside my hand were now large enough to crush me if I got caught, so I quickly followed the lumberjack and found myself outside on the front of my German cuckoo clock.


It was amazing to stand on the front of my German cuckoo clock and have it be the size of my own house that I was living in when I was of normal size. I walked around the front porch of the cuckoo clock chalet and the lumberjack introduced me to his dog Jack and showed me with pride the axe he used for chopping all that wood. We walked over to the side of the cuckoo clock and to my surprise there was actual water being pumped from the tiny waterwheel that would spin each time the German cuckoo clock stuck. We then walked up the stairs where the lumberjack wanted to introduce me to his friends.


As we made our way to the second story of the German cuckoo clock, I wondered if these little wooden figurines realized that they lived inside my cuckoo clock and that I was the person who wound the chain each week. My question was answered as soon as we reached the top of the German cuckoo clock where I was greeted by a crowd of dancing townsfolk. They all called me by name and welcomed me with bright smiles and open arms. One even handed me a full stein of German beer! I recognized these characters as the dancing figures that spun around each hour when my German cuckoo clock would strike. We then spent the rest of my time there laughing and exchanging stories. They told me how much they loved and appreciated me for keeping their little town working by winding the cuckoo clock chains each week without fail. I told them I was happy to do it, but wondered who would pull the cuckoo clock chains if I remained small. Everyone laughed and told me not to worry because my visit with them was just about over. Suddenly I panicked, realizing that I had not yet gotten the chance to meet the cuckoo clock bird who always alerted me to the hour. They told me I was in luck because he was coming out just then. Just as they said this, the nest door opened above our heads and the cuckoo bird came out and began to make his hourly call. I looked up with excitement and the next thing I knew my eyes were opened, I was back inside my bed, and thankfully back to my regular size. Looking over to the German cuckoo clock next to my bed, I noticed that it was just after one in the morning and I must have been woken by the chirp of the cuckoo when the clock struck one.


Now, I know what you are thinking. It is impossible for a person to shrink down to the size of a thimble and climb up inside of their German cuckoo clock. I would have thought the same before my wonderful cuckoo clock dream, but now I am not so sure!


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