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German Cuckoo Clocks Are Fun to Collect


German Cuckoo Clocks

Starting or continuing on a collection of German cuckoo clocks can be fun, educational, and entertaining for you, your family, and your friends. Most people do not think of collecting more than just one German cuckoo clock for their home, so starting an entire collection of German cuckoo clocks will really set you apart from other collectors. It is true that many German cuckoo clocks can be much more expensive than other German collectibles, such as German smokers, figurines, or ornaments, but the thing that makes German cuckoo clocks so different is that they can be fun and useful throughout the year. This is because German cuckoo clocks are working clocks that can be enjoyed every day of the year. Collecting German cuckoo clocks is a great hobby for anyone who enjoys collecting timepieces, hand carved wooden art, or traditional handmade German crafts.


German cuckoo clocks have been around for nearly 300 years and are mainly produced in the mountain villages of Germany. During the long, cold winter months, villagers would spend their days working on wooden crafts because the snows would prevent them from farming the fields or mining the mountains. So, they would keep busy by perfecting the traditional crafting methods that had been handed down to them over the decades. As industry changed over the years and villagers looked for new ways to support their families due to the lessening demands for fresh farm goods and the depleting mining resources, German villagers redirected their focus from working the land to creating find handmade crafts. As a result, Germany has become world famous for producing some of the finest handmade wooden crafts using the traditional methods that have been handed down for centuries. Today, German cuckoo clocks have become a much desired item for collectors all over the world.


The thing that makes German cuckoo clocks so fun to collect is their uniqueness in the world of clock making, along with their whimsical sights, sounds, and movements. No other clock in the world can both keep accurate time while also entertaining you every single hour of the day. As the cuckoo clock strikes the top of the hour, you can enjoy the chirping of the cuckoo as he is released from his home at the top of each hour. Other German cuckoo clocks incorporate animated figures that come out as well, such as dancing ladies, beer drinking workmen, axe wielding woodchoppers, or gun toting hunters. Other movements might be seen as well, such as a spinning waterwheel or a jumping dog. Each German cuckoo clock has its own unique story to tell and they each come to life at least once every hour, but sometimes more. Collecting these unusual German cuckoo clocks is fun and never ceases to amaze as you watch them come to life.


German Cuckoo Clocks Part of the fun of collecting German cuckoo clocks is that there are so many different styles to choose from and each one has a story to tell. The simplest German cuckoo clocks usually have a nature or hunting theme and are covered in wildlife, leaves, and other natural elements. These German cuckoo clocks generally only consist of a single cuckoo that comes out to sing every hour. These are usually the least expensive of all German cuckoo clocks, but they are just as entertaining and enjoyable as the more expensive kinds. If you are thinking of starting a German cuckoo clock collection, this is a good place to start. Many of the leaves and wildlife that you see in these German cuckoo clocks represent those that are found in and around where the German cuckoo clocks were originally made, such as oak leaves, ivy, rabbits, owls, birds, and deer.


The more extravagant types of German cuckoo clocks are the chalet styles. These German cuckoo clocks are usually in the shape of a typical Black Forest chalet, beerhouse, or cabin. Chalet style German cuckoo clocks will most likely have more animation to them with moving figurines, animated characters, and multiple focal points as the cuckoo clock strikes the hour. These German cuckoo clocks never fail to entertain and you will find yourself mesmerized each time the miniature townsfolk come to life. German cuckoo clocks come in a variety of sizes and can cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars to more than a thousand. However, owning one of these very unique pieces of handmade art is money well spent and you will enjoy owning one of these whimsical German cuckoo clocks for years to come.


While your collection of German cuckoo clocks can consist of as few as two or as many as a dozen or even more, you will find that your collection will not only bring joy to yourself, but also to those around you. Your family and friends will no doubt appreciate the intricate details each and every German cuckoo clock has as part of its designs and they will certainly enjoy the hourly show that your German cuckoo clock collection will perform for them every day. Collecting German cuckoo clocks is an unusual collection to own, but also a fun, educational, and entertaining one as you learn more and more about the people who created them and the rich history of where German cuckoo clocks came from.


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