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Start Your Family Tradition with a German Cuckoo Clock


German Cuckoo Clocks

Starting a family tradition with German cuckoo clocks is a simple way to bring your family closer together while also investing in a useful collectible that can be handed down and treasured by family members for generations. German cuckoo clocks are well made pieces of handcrafted art that tell time in a unique and interesting way while also serving as a cornerstone piece of your treasured family heirlooms. Here are some fun and interesting ways that you can incorporate your own German cuckoo clock into your family traditions.


You can use your German cuckoo clock as a symbol of the coming Christmas holiday. If you do not use your German cuckoo clock as a regular time keeper or do not have it in a main gathering room, you can bring it out into the family room as a signal that the countdown to the holiday season has begun. This can be done with a lot of pomp-and-circumstance with the whole family taking part as you unveil the German cuckoo clock for the holidays. You can treat this event as a living Advent Calendar by preparing a special activity or handing out little gifts to each other every night from December 1st until Christmas Eve. Choose a particular time that will have special meaning each day when all members of the family will be gathered together. Each night when your German cuckoo clock strikes the magic hour, everyone sings a silly song or hands out chocolates or gives each other small gifts. The kids will be filled with excitement and anticipation as the magic time draws near!


If you want to create a family tradition that you can participate in all year long rather than just during the holiday season, then you can use your German cuckoo clock for that as well. The beauty of a German cuckoo clock is that it faithfully announces the time each hour in a way that alerts everyone in the house as to what time it is. However, because most German cuckoo clocks are pendulum powered (with a few battery operated exceptions), you can turn the mundane activity of pulling the pinecone chains that power the cuckoo clock into a family tradition. Some German cuckoo clocks need to be wound once a day, so gather the kids together just before bedtime to ceremoniously pull on the cuckoo clock chains. Each night as you are doing this you can say a special prayer together or make a special cuckoo clock wish. Other German cuckoo clocks need to be wound once a week, so you can make this a special family activity by letting each member of the family have the honor of pulling the cuckoo clock chains and then giving them a special gift or just telling them how much you love them.


German Cuckoo Clocks If you want to start a family tradition of collecting certain items that the whole family can participate in, you can start with a German cuckoo clock. You can have a collection filled with just German cuckoo clocks or expand your collection to include different types of clocks, such as grandfather or antique clocks. Each member of the family can choose their own special German cuckoo clock to own and keep in their rooms. You can form your collection around other German wooden handcrafts, such as German nutcrackers, figurines, smokers, pyramids, or ornaments. Each member of the family can choose what style or type of German handcraft they want to collect and every Christmas, birthday, or special occasion you can give each other a new German collectible to add to the family collection.


You can use your German cuckoo clock as a special part of a weekly family game night. Gather the kids together and bring out all those fun board games that everyone likes to play. Each hour or half hour you can start a different game every time the cuckoo clock sings. Since a German cuckoo clock is hard to ignore when it strikes it makes a good timekeeper for when it is time to move to the next game and everyone stays happy because they each get their own turn.


Collecting antiques is also a wonderful family tradition to start. Antiques almost always increase in value as time passes, especially when they are unique or limited in their production quantities, like many German cuckoo clocks. Amish quilts, music boxes, figurines, and other handmade antiques never go out of style and will become treasured heirlooms for your children and grandchildren to enjoy well into the future. German cuckoo clocks can really add a special touch to your family traditions and finding new and creative ways to incorporate them into your daily lives is a great way to bring your family closer together and create those memories that will last a lifetime.


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